Hydro 14

Hydro 14


The HYDRO fireplaces are the perfect solution for heating rooms using radiators and their integrated water system.

Fireplaces are manufactured in Bulgaria using Italian and Swiss parts;

German inverter pump WILO Yonos PARA; the electronic circuit board ismanufactured by a group company – a manufacturer of electronics completely for exported to Italy.

Each fireplace is equipped with a heatresistant inox AISI 310 burner with a self-cleaning system, an integrated 60 l fuel (pellet) hopper and an automatic control of the combustion air using a differential pressure gauge.

The thickness of the sheet metal facing the fire is 5mm.Weekly programmer, a room temperature sensor, ceramic glass, protection sensors and an infrared remote control(option).

Power supply is AC 230V 50Hz.

The maximum electrical power at ignition is 300W.

The operating electrical power is 60W.

The colour range is: ivory, burgundy,

black, brown and yellow.


 Italian parts

 Swiss parts

 Inverter pump WILO – Yonos PARA

 self-cleaning system

 inox burner AISI 310

 built-in 60 liters bunker

 automatic control of the combustion air

 weekly programming

 room temperature sensor

 remote control (option)


Nominal power

14.38 kW


92.97 %

CO emissions (13)% O2 at rated power

0.0127 %

Mass of smoke at rated power

9.17 g/s

Reduced power

4.12 kW

EFFICIENCY at reduced power

91.61 %

Mass of smoke at reduced power

5.97 g/s

Maximum temperature of flue gas

107 °C

Burn autonomy min/max

19/80 h

Minimum power

10 Pa

Fuel consumption min/max

3.12/0.90 kg / h

Max heat output for heating of water

10.86 kW

Working pressure Max.

2.5 bar

Expansion vessel

6 liters

Boiler capacity

16 liters

Tank capacity/hopper

50 kg

Heating capacity

110 mq

Weight with packaging ( HYDRO14 )

150 kg

Flue diameter

80 mm

Diameter of pipe for incoming air

60 mm